The Blog’s Genesis

There was an intense Internet backlash after Selma (2014) received just two Academy Award nominations, one for Best Picture and the other for Best Original song. Writers were outraged, claiming the Academy was too old, too white, too male, and too Hollywood to be entrusted with endowing film’s most esteemed awards. While I disagree with many Academy choices, I felt strongly enough that Selma was not a good film to write an article about it. First, I tried to get other publications to read it, reaching out to everything from USA Today to my college’s newspaper. When nobody bit, it dawned on me that in this digital age anyone can publish anything they like online. Thus, the blog was born.

Since its inception, the blog’s thesis remains. More Critical will hold art, mostly movies, to a certain standard, and shame pieces that cater to the public and distance themselves from the original, personal content it must have been at some point. The state of the modern movie machine, that chews scripts until they are a skeleton of their former self in service of box office numbers, forces the majority of More Critical’s reviews to be somewhat negative. This can be interpreted as my own sour pessimism, but I believe the industry can return to a state of being in which it views itself as an important artistic medium rather than a business.

As a writer of reviews and screenplays, my goal will always be to play a small part in the revival of a golden age of film, that isn’t dominated by popcorn superhero flicks, low-brow buddy comedies and Oscar bait adapted from history or books. What I value is original voice, someone with something to say, someone with a personal vision. I’ll advocate for those people until the day I die.

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